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Siemens multifunctionele aanwezigheidsmelder

In deze productvrijgave leest u over de productintroductie van de nieuwe aanwezigheidsmelders, welke uitgebreide functies zoals aanwezigheid, temperatuur, vochtigheid en CO2 combineren in een enkel apparaat. Daarnaast hebben ze ook een groter detectiebereik dan de huidige aanwezigheidsmelders UP258D12 en UP258E22 en zijn een toevoeging aan het productportfolio Gamma Instabus, de KNX Productlijn van Siemens.

MEAN WELL KNX-20E 640mA Bus Power Supply

KNX-20E-640 is a 640mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 3SU (52.5 mm). The device has a KNX bus choke output and additional output for auxiliary power. LED indicators are used in case of normal operation, overload conditions and RESET operation. It is perfectly suitable to power up any products labeled with the KNX trademark.

IP Control Center Firmware update V4

De firmware-update V4 van IP Control Center N152 heeft uitgebreide veiligheidsfuncties voor een betere bescherming van KNX-systemen. Dit voldoet aan de toenemende beveiligingsvereisten voor de IP Control Center-software.


Wireless security system. Voldoet momenteel alleen aan EN norm, voor beveiliging van uw woning. Buitennmelders voorkomen schade door melding voordat ingebroken wordt. Eenvoudig te integreren met Busch free@home.

KAA-8R KNX 8-fold Universal Switching Actuator

The KAA-8R Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas up to 8 independent channels. It receives KNX telegrams and can be used as switch actuator or shutter actuator (planned). Mixed applications from switch and shutter actuator are possible. Each output uses a bistable (latching) relay and can be operated manually via a push button. One green LED per channel for indicating the switching status. The compact design with 4 units (72 mm) wide modular makes it suitable for quick and simple installation. Other functions including heating control and logic functions are integrated to provide the KNX system integrators with high design freedom.

KNX 4-Fold Dimming Actuator

The KAA-4R4V dimming actuator is a 4 channels device with high-quality independent latching relay. A DC 0(1)-10V signal to perform the dimming on the connected driver at each channel. The dimming curve can be adjusted to linear or logarithmic mode which is suitable for all kinds of luminaire. The product specification indicates the maximum number of LED driver per channel which is easy for building planning. KNX system integrators can easily program it through the ETS system, and it can be operated manually via a push button. The compact design with 4 SU(72mm) wide modular makes it suitable for quick and simple installation, and one green LED on each channel for indicating the switching status.

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