ETS5 Link with function - a hidden gem

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You can probably recognise all the time you spent thinking of a way to pick group addresses and map them to objects. For instance the first digit in the group address for zone, the second for room, etc. But after a while the whole project still looks like spaghetti.

ETS can help you with this via its Link With Function dialog, which links a building function (like lights or heating) with a device or channel. This is done using the Buildings panel, where you can define the layout of the building, and for each room define the available functions.

Although this functionality was already released in 2016, we notice that a lot of System Integrators are not yet making use of this hidden gem in ETS5.

You can make your life easier!

Apart from saving you considerable time, putting structure in your ETS project helps you in communicating with your customer, the architect and installer and it will help you document the layout, avoiding misperceptions and creating transparency for all involved.

As an important benefit the ETS project will be more useful for smart home products like THINKA, since it can use the same structure to configure the devices for visualisation and control in Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, or Google Smart Home.

Last but not least, you will recognize your project much easier if you need to work from it years later, adding new functionalities for your customer…

In our THINKA Video Tutorials series, we show you how to set up a project in ETS using functions, and how you can link them to channels so you can reliably import your ETS Project into THINKA.

Erik Rozendaal


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