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New challenges in the transition to the new normal

Especially in demanding times like these, the demand for healthcare services is growing. Patients have ever-increasing expectations about the safety and quality of healthcare treatments and services. In addition, regulations are becoming more and more complex.

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Smart for the new normal: That is our answer for mastering the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. Hospitals must excel in the new normal, and digitalization is key. It revolutionizes hospitals on the human, financial and operational level. Smart hospitals offer lower infection risks, enhanced security and improved air quality while at the same time improving patient satisfaction and optimizing staff and energy efficiency. Smart infrastructure from Siemens helps hospitals master this digital transformation by collecting, analyzing and making use of data. We provide the hardware and software needed to get the most out of a hospital’s infrastructure in order to create a safe environment that supports the entire healing process.

Smart infrastructre provides a positive patient experience for smart hospitals

Smart healthcare

White paper: A smart hospital concept by Siemens

Discover how smart hospitals offer a vision for optimizing multiple aspects of operational performance.

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Creating a competitive advantage

Smart answers to hospital pressures

Hospitals must master a multitude of challenges at the same time: They have to reduce labor and operating costs, enable their staff to work more efficiently, optimize space efficiency, comply with changing regulations – and all that without compromising on a positive patient experience. Smart hospitals help master these challenges with solutions that support optimum healing and working conditions.

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The benefits of technology for smart hospitals

The benefits of technology for smart hospitals

A clear focus on healthcare needs

Every smart hospital solution is tailored to the building structure it is designed for. At the center lies a clear focus on efficiency, patient satisfaction, quality, and compliance. Smart hospitals create added value by systematically addressing the key drivers of every healthcare facility. Smart hospital solutions focus on optimizing cost and energy efficiencies, improving patient outcomes, increasing staff productivity, complying with changing regulations, and implementing campus extensions. This holistic approach turns smart hospital solutions into the answer for mastering the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

Smart hospitals. Environments built to healSmart infrastructure technology for hospitals leverages data from OT and IT systems to create intelligent environments that support the entire healing process.