Thinka KNX PRO - Built-in IP Gateway and Remote Access

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Already 5 years ago Thinka launched her first product, Thinka HomeKit for KNX. Today, April 15, 2021, we are proud to launch Thinka KNX PRO; a HomeKit for KNX Bridge with a built-in IP Gateway and Secure Remote Access to the local Thinka and KNX system of your customer.

Integrated KNX IP-Gateway - Safe money while gaining security

Every system integrator has been explaining us just how important remote access is to managing the KNX system, to ensure the expected service levels of building- or home owners. Remote Access offers you the possibility to quickly react on outings or adaptations needed, without bothering the customer unnecessary.

Don’t compromise the unparalleled security KNX systems have to offer with a dodgy ‘backdoor access’ via an ill-installed IP gateway. Instead, use Thinka KNX PRO, which combines the intrinsic security of Thinka HomeKit for KNX with a built-in KNX IP gateway and remote access via ETS to the KNX system over VPN.

Thinka KNX PRO offers the convenience of remote access to your customers KNX system without giving in on security and privacy standards. Read more about our new product here.

Does Remote Access compromise your KNX Home Security?

A number of high-profile security breaches in the smart-home and IoT (Internet of Things) sphere in recent years have made security one of the top ‘must-haves’ for any automated home or building. We have written a blog to share with your consumers when they are considering KNX for their home. Read our blog here.

Research in 2019 showed 17444 KNX buildings were accessible to hackers.

You might remember the article Joost Schellevis published at Computest with the results of a study by ethical hacker Daan Keuper (Computest) showing 17444 buildings with the systems based on the KNX standard are easily accessible to hackers. The complete article can be found here

KNX PRO IP Gateway and Remote AccessSecurity should be a top priority in home automation, certainly when allowing for remote access! Thinka provides secure remote access for KNX with an integrated KNX IP Gateway.
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Thinka for KNX - NewsKeep up to date with new developments on Thinka for KNX with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Smart Home.